April 17, 2019
 Press release: Office closures
Our office will be closed from Saturday 27th of April to Monday 6th of May for the national holidays.  We will operate from May 7th.
We apologize for any inconvenience during this period.  Thank you for your kind attention.

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  Product Information 4/3/2019

Option parts for MBX8T/8T ECO
E2570 Front Damper Stay (CFRP) MBX8T/8T ECO

Coming soon!

Option parts for MBX8T/8T ECO
E2571 Rear Damper Stay (CFRP) MBX8T/8T ECO

Coming soon!

  Product Information 3/26/2019

Option parts for MGT7/MGT7 ECO
E1074 GT Body Type GT3-GBS (1.0mm)

Coming soon!

 Race Information 2019 South Australian I.C. On-Road State Titles From Australia
Jeff Hamon wins at South Australian State Titles!
2019 South Australian I.C. On-Road State Title Race was held in Littlehampton, Australia on March 21-24, 2019.  Mugen Seiki driver Jeff Hamon TQ'ed & wins both 1/10 touring and 1/8 racing car class!
>>Final result
 Press Release: 1/8 Nitro Racing Buggy MBX8 Worlds Edition

1/8 Nitro Racing Buggy MBX8 Worlds Edition coming soon!
E2025 MBX8 Worlds Edition Kit

Mugen Seiki is excited to release the MBX8 Worlds Edition Nitro Buggy Kit.  The MBX8 Worlds Edition includes many option parts used by Mugen Seiki drivers at the 2018 IFMAR World Championship....read more

 Press Release: Ninja JX21-B05 Engine

Ninja JX21-B05 Engine coming soon!
Ninja JX21-B05 Engine

This is the Ninja JX21-B05 Off-Road Buggy Engine.  The innovative JX21-B05 is completely NEW.  The B05 features a 3-port long-stroke design that offers smooth low-end power and exceptional mid to top-end power....read more

 Mugen Team Driver MTC1 Setup at TITC 2019, Thailand

MTC1 Setup sheet at TITC 2019, Thailand
Check out Viljami Kutvonen and Robert Pietsch MTC1 setup at TITC 2019 in Thailand!

>>Setting Sheet Library




 Mugen Team Driver MBX8 Setup at DNC 2019, USA

MBX8 Setup sheet at DNC 2019, USA
Check out Robert Batlle MBX8 setup at The Dirt Nitro Challenge 2019 in Southern California Fairgrounds, USA!

>>Setting Sheet Library


  Product Information 1/25/2019

Option parts for MBX8
E2425 Chassis MBX8

Coming soon!

 Mugen Team Driver MTC1 Setup at DHI Cup 2019, Denmark

MTC1 Setup sheet at DHI Cup 2019, Denmark
Check out Viljami Kutvonen MTC1 winning setup at DHI Cup 2019 in Denmark!

>>Setting Sheet Library




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