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A2005-A MTC2R 1/10 Electric Touring Car Kit w/Alum. chassis 
A2005-C MTC2R 1/10 Electric Touring Car Kit w/CFRP chassis
Mugen Seiki is excited to announce the NEW MTC2R electric touring car kit.

The MTC2R is an evolution of the highly successful MTC2 platform.  Ronald Völker won the ETS championship two years in a row with the MTC2 plateform and itfs now time to release the next generation MTC2R with several updates and improvements.  Ronald and the team tested on different carpet and tarmac surfaces to develop the MTC2R.

The MTC2R features several new parts to improve the feeling on the track.
- New single bellcrank steering arm, is mounted directly to the LCG servo mount
which makes the steering input more linear and helps greatly reduce slop in the steering assembly.
- New ball-bearing drive shaftLs increase consistency and precision on the track.
- New silicone X-Ring for the dampers allow smoother working dampers and increase consistency
  throughout a race.
- New damper position is optimized bringing better overall grip.
- New caster adjustment increases durability and is easier to work on the car.
- More durable damper balls.
- Fine tuning belt adjustment.
- All in one shock towers with both fixed and active shock mounting.
- Less set screw.
- New high quality composite parts making spares more affordable.
- New optional parts and tools will be available as well with the release of MTC2R.
Parts list  1.61MB
Option parts list 277KB

Kit bag details 1.09MB
Setup sheet (Blank, editable) 1.64MB
Setup Sheet (Asphalt/Rush) 1.63MB
Setup Sheet (Asphalt/Matrix) 1.85MB
Setup Sheet (Carpet/Matrix) 1.85MB
Instruction manual
Option parts
Other optional parts  4.70MB
Other necessary equipment:
2ch Radio set for RC car (Transmitter, Receiver, Servo) / Motor / Pinion Gear / Spur Gear / ESC (Electric Speed Controller) / Batteries for RC car / Charger / Body (190mm) / Body paint tools / Tires, Wheels, Inserts
*Servo horn and weights are not included in the kit.
*The contents are subject to change without notice due to product improvements and specification changes. Final production version of product may and will differ from appearance of product shown on this page.

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